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Day 2 of a really bad one. Relying heavily on autocorrect, so forgive grammar errors please.

Does anyone else have sudden bouts of almost hysterical crying during headache phase? Anything i can do?


  1. Hi marestails,

    No worries! We understand migraine brain fog and LOVE autocorrect!!

    Yes, crying can be part of a migraine attack. I'm not aware of anything we can do to prevent this other than taking a triptan and prevent the attack itself.

    Hopefully others will be along shortly and share their experiences with you.


    1. I have lots of emotional issues that seem related to my migraines.

      I'm waiting to see a neurologist about it, so no clear answers, but I found an article which seemed to explain my experiences quite accurately (, and another (, which goes into some details about the emotional side and the relations to depression or other mental health issues.


      "Some migraine patients are known to experience deep mood swings that correlate to serotonin depletion, which can be measured in their urine. When serotonin levels plummet, a person's behavior can turn manic depressive. Some migraine patients are able to channel their anxieties positively, and they may seem like very happy people before they suffer from headache episodes. When their serotonin decreases to unhealthy levels, they may even consider suicide since they do not feel any reward in continuing to live."


      "Hysterical crying", ie laughing and weeping in the extreme, and intense feelings of isolation and meaninglessness sounds very much like what has started happening to me recently. Serotonin levels going haywire while in pain or discomfort is not a nice mixture for me...

      You might want to try searching /r/migraine on reddit for "mood", there have been a few conversations about it over the years. Good luck!

      1. My moods are strongly affected when I'm actively in a migraine attack, and I definitely feel almost chemically depressed until it passes. I've read others having the same experience as well.

        1. Hi marestails,

          How are you doing these days? I think a bunch of us rely on autocorrect when we have an attack. For myself, I don't cry, but it's understandable. I do tend to have more panic attacks prior to the big migraine attack. We are dealing with a neurological disease, so crying and depression is understandable.

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