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Daith Piercing Sept-2014

So I see there is obviously a thread about this already and many discussions but I felt compelled to add my two cents in.

I treated my migraines with essential oils exclusively until Feb when i developed awesome status migrainosus, because being happy wasn't working out so well for me I guess. I have no idea what triggered my migraines to advance so rapidly and fierce but I was out of work for over a month. Triptans weren't touching it, steroids weren't helping, IV infusions were not helping. You see the point there. Nothing helps except doing nothing. So instead of sleeping my life away I started working with a new neurologist. I really like her. I also started losing weight (I've lost 50 lbs since April through hard work) in the hopes that it would help, all of your problems start in your gut they say. So I went on propanolol for a few months and found some relief until I had a break through migraine again that knocked me out for weeks. So my options are to up my propanolol to an obscene amount or start taking an antidepressant on TOP of the propanolol.

Keep in mind that I seriously went Chemical free when I started using essential oils so putting all these chemicals in my body just makes me sick, literally and figuratively.

So I up my propanolol because I don't want to be on anti depressants and sometimes the side effects aren't worth the help.

Labor day weekend was the worst migraine weekend I had ever had. Even sleep wasn't helping and at this point I'd taken so much abortive medication just to try and calm the storm so I could work at my job that I feel like I'm holding onto by a thread. (technically I don't think they can fire me for medical reasons but that's neither here nor there)

So on the 6th I went and got my daith pierced. My friend asked me why I didn't try it and I was like idk... cause it's probably stupid but that this point I was ok with stupid. So for $50 my cartilage was pierced and immediately I got some relief. I was super skeptical, and still am but I haven't had a migraine since the 6th. which is a week and a day. I know it takes 3 weeks to see if a placebo effect wears off but I'm telling you I don't even care. What would you do for a week of peace? Even before the constant migraines I was getting 4-5 a week and functioning through them (which is probably why they got worse because who has time to do self care??)

I 100% recommend the daith piercing. I will update when its been a couple of months but as of right now its a godsend.

I dropped back down to 2 propanolol a day and honestly I won't be able to go back up to 3 again. The side effects killed me, I was dizzy and sick all the time. So I'm hoping this helps for awhile because anti depressants are NOT my thing. I figure if I will get the other one done if need be later but for now if I start to feel a migraine or what could be a migraine I just touch the ring (which doesn't feel great) and it goes away. As long as my piercing hurts my head doesn't lol. Which is weird and like I said idk if its placebo or not. I do know that $50 is well worth a week of peace and if anyone else would kill for a week of peace it is so worth trying.

  1. Hi Clairenicole,

    Thank you for your post. We are so happy to hear that the daith piercing was successful! Congratulations! You mentioned in the beginning using natural methods to treat your migraines before they worsened. I thought you would be interested in the following articles -, They provide various self care tips (natural and otherwise) to use while experiencing an attack. Perhaps you could find something helpful! And yes, please keep us posted on your progress related to the daith piercing. We would love updates. Again, thanks for your post. Wishing you a lovely day!


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. I just wanted to update. Its been 4 weeks now since I got my piercing and I'm still about 98% migraine free. I have taken Excedrin twice. I have forgotten my daily meds with no consequences once. I have drank wine in copious amounts.

      I'm in love with the 4 weeks that I have had!

      I will update again in a few months or when it starts wearing off.

      I feel amazing though. Almost like a normal person.

      1. Do you have one or two daith piercings and does it matter if you get 2 as opposed to 1

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