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Migraines worse with age

Hi all, I’m a lifelong migraine sufferer since the age of 2. Up until the last few years (I’m now 31) my migraines were severe but limited to one every 3-4 months that would last from 1-2 weeks and totally wipe me out. Over the past year, my attacks have become much more frequent at a rate of at least 1 a month that last about a week. Sometimes 2 a month. I’ve been on propranolol as preventative for about 2 years, first at 80mg then at 160mg. Although it seemed to help in the beginning it doesn’t seem to help now. I’m a self employed single mum so as you can imagine, suffering with this is less than ideal. I’m currently waiting for yet another neurologist appointment but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced an increase in frequency, and if so, had any success in bringing the amount back down? Should mention I have tried most every preventative in the past but nothing ever seems to truly work. I take sumitriptan during attacks which doesn’t seem to work either. Again, have tried most triptans but nothing seems to put a dent in the pain or stop it from running its course. Typically the pain wakes me up at night, goes away with strong painkillers, comes back in a couple of hours. Cycle repeats for days. I have also started suffering with aura which is relatively new to me. I had a couple when I was very young but then no visual disturbances again until I was 27…then again, over the last year have become more frequent. This is particularly worrying to me as I get anxious about driving long distances as they come on so quickly and without warning. Any advice/stories of what has helped will be appreciated. Thanks x

  1. Thanks for sharing what you are experiencing with us. I'm sorry you are having more frequent migraine cycles now. Migraine can often change over time. What was typical for you once may no longer prevent in the same way. Your body can also get accustomed to a particular therapy regimen over time causing the therapy to become less effective. Propranolol is a common first-line preventative for migraine attacks and if it has lost its effectiveness on you it may be time to talk to your doctor about trying another preventative. Access to the new CGRP class of preventatives and abortives has helped many people, but acquiring them can be costly sometimes. Are you seeing a headache specialist to help you manage your attacks? A doctor that specializes in headaches is great to have on your treatment team. I understand the anxiety that comes along with migraine attacks. Their unpredictable nature can leave you feeling unsettled for sure. I hope your attacks will improve over time. Make a list of things you want to talk with your doctor about as well as let them know what you are experiencing and how it impacts your life. Have an awesome day! Warmly, Cheryl team

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