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Delta 8 edibles

I have migraine with aura. I ate an edible with delta 8 and boy let me tell you, I "hallucinated" my butt off. I think it affects the same part of my brain that these migraines do bc it was so similar but different and way worse.

Nothing seemed real, I questioned every conversation I was having with my wife. After a moment of silence the conversation turned into somewhat of a fading dream. I could barely remember what was discussed.

My body temperature was up and down. Sometimes my chest would be cold and my legs would be hot and vica versa.

As far as visual goes, it's almost as if the image would be delayed from real time.

Just thought I would ask if anyone else had this experience? This was definitely the scariest thing that's ever happened to me.

  1. - So grateful you shared this experience with us. Sounds terrifying! I'm so sorry you went through it. We actually do not have any information on this approach but I wanted to send you a link that explains how this is a psychoactive drug- and that may account for your experience: Have you been feeling okay since you took it? Thinking of you- Holly ( team).

    1. Oh my goodness! That sounds really terrible, I'm so glad you were with your wife when this happened and in safe surroundings. I know some of our other members use THC to treat their migraine, I am curious to see what other responses we get. In the meantime, I'm curious to know if you've tried other types of THC, and how your experience was with that if so. Additionally, as a general reminder to those who may be reading, always be sure to purchase products containing CBD and THC from a reputable seller that offers transparent information about what you are taking and how much.

      I hope you're okay now! Thank you so much for sharing. -Melissa, team

      1. I use it. But I low dose for effectiveness. It's safe and you can't "OD", but too much will mess ya up for awhile! BTDT and won't ever again! See my post response below.

    2. I thought it was weird. I didn't get fearful. Definitely changed my state of mind. A half helped me sleep better. I had a tbi, 2 week coma, survivor migraine suffer. Did not take with migraine however.

      1. - Grateful to you for sharing your first-hand experience with this approach. Interesting that it helped you with sleep at half a dose. Do you plan to try it with a migraine attack? Thanks again for chiming in. Warmly- Holly team.

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