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Anyone taking this? What's your experience? Dr. Silberstein from Jefferson gave it to me to use if I have a migraine that won't go away after a few days. Just curious to see how it's worked for others.

  1. Hi ninjaqutie,

    Thanks for your question. Yes, I've used this medication to break a particularly nasty migraine cycle with success. I've also spoken with others who have good luck with it too.

    Let us know how you make out,


    1. I've used dexamethasone for years to abort bad attacks. Last year I had an experience that has caused me to become hesitant to use it unless I absolutely have to. I went to the dentist for a routine check-up, and what I thought was a painful burn on my upper palate turned out to be a piece of necrotic bone which had migrated through the soft tissue of the palate. It required some painful oral surgery to extract the bone and replace it with bovine bone. When I went to the Jefferson Headache Clinic the following month they told me that the bone death could have been caused by dexamethasone, as that drug inhibits the immune system and healing. There have also been times when I have gotten urinary tract infections after using the dexamethasone. So use this drug with caution, hopefully not more than once a month when you absolutely need it.

      1. Well, my first time using it wasn't much of a success. ::womp womp:: The migraine also came back a couple days later. He decided to put me in the hospital on the lidocaine infusion for several days and now I am on all new meds.

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