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What type of testing and doctor diagnosed you?

What type of testing has your doctor(s) conducted in order to provide you with a diagnosis of migraine? What type of doctor(s) provided this diagnosis (i.e. Neurologist, PCP, Headache and Migraine Specialist, etc.)

  1. I was referred to a Neurologist after a brutal migraine. He did a full physical and sent me for a CAT Scan to rule everything else out. I also had to keep a migraine diary.

    I found out recently that UBC does run a Migraine Clinic in Vancouver, BC. I don't think Canada has Headache doctors. I'm fairly sure most people are referred to Neurologists.

    1. Calgary has a headache clinic (CHAMP) ... which is a joke. Over two years wait (after I tried many self management technics and 3 preventative meds with family doc), the "specialist" had ABSOLUTELY NO special training, he is a family doctor with NO extra pain/headache courses or training and are only required to stay for a short time so no time for experience to build up. He tried 2 preventative meds, a vagus nerve stimulator and now gave up on me .... hoping the slinical director (who is almost new) will see me in 6 months or so. So he left me with NO help on how to deal with daily chronic migraines that have caused me to lose my job, house and life. And of course since it's Canada I don't have the choice to just see a new doctor, just have to stumble through and pray my own research will find something that I can bug my family doc to try. Sucks.

  2. Completely sucks Tamara.

    1. Good luck Tamara. I hope something positive pans out for you.

      My doctor asked me about my symptoms, ordered an MRI and that was pretty much it. I was one of the lucky ones as far as doctors go.

      1. So sorry to hear about your experience Tamara, the frustration of having chronic migraines, or in my case Cluster Headaches, is awful and you are right, they destroy our lives. I've heard about the terrible lack of treatment and specialists in Canada from my daughter-in-law who has dual citizenship and migraines herself. Her treatment sounds just like yours, basically nothing and very long waits. Personally I have chronic Cluster Headaches myself, which can be much worse, and remember an experience just last month while at one of my doctors office. While checking out after the appointment one of my Cluster attacks started, typical stiff right neck/shoulder exploding into my face and eyes, with the tearing and nasal congestion I could barely see. Thankfully I brought my DHE syringe with and one of those chemical cold packs, no O2 though. For 45 minutes I am sitting on the floor in the reception area, head on a chair going through all of the hell right in front of all the patients. Totally embarrassing and miserable. I too avoid going anywhere that I don't have access to what I need to abort these hellish headaches, live life mostly at home and avoid long trips. I have not been on a plane in close to 15 years now afraid of getting a Cluster attack. I've tried just about everything and some days it really feels hopeless but my family needs me so I hang in there and tough it out. The way it affects my family is terrible and I feel bad for them especially my wife who is totally healthy, active and energetic but because of me her fun times are limited. Living with that guilt only adds to the misery of what we go through, I'm sure you know the feeling. So hang in there, do what you have to do and hopefully doctors will soon find some type of treatment that makes more sense that what we have to go through. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is soon.

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