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Did I really have migraines???

While I was working (30 years in a job that I loathed, but was unable to quit due to family pressure and financial issues), I used to get killer headaches. I remember thinking that some sadistic monster had my head in a vise, and cranked it tight, just stopping before my skull imploded. Hideous pain. I also had nausea and vomiting, which made the pain even more excruciating. I would have to go to the ER to get an injection of some kind of narcotic and Phenergan for the vomiting.

However, I retired 16+ years ago, and have not had a single "migraine." I knew I hated the job, but could those horrible headaches have been like a toxic reaction? I certainly don't miss them.

  1. Hi headvice,

    Thank you for sharing that with us and happy retirement, a few years late!!

    It's very possible your work environment was triggering migraine attacks. Once those triggers were eliminated, your migraine attack frequency and severity reduced! And that's terrific!!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for your continued success.

    1. Thank you, Nancy! My closest friend from the old days at work has teased me for years, saying that I should have figured out how to skip the work and go directly to retirement! Life is SO much nicer, when you have a reliable income without having to dance to somebody else's tune!

      1. Very true, headvice!!

        Keep me posted!


        1. You might have, but it is possible to have pain so bad that it makes you vomit and it could have been very, very bad stress headaches. You can also have migraines with no pain (I get those sometimes, and sometimes with pain) Either way, it's great they are gone!

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