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Anyone get dilated pupils with migraines?

With my migraines recently I’ve been getting dilated pupils. Sometimes one eye or sometimes both but it’s been really worrying me recently

  1. Milan May Thomas, Have you discussed your changes in migraine with your healthcare team? LaQuinda, Team Member

    1. UGH! It's so frustrating when our migraine attack symptoms and/ or patterns change. As mentioned, when this happens it is always a good idea to let the doctor know so he/she can make sure everything checks out Ok.
      Will you keep us posted?
      Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

      1. Hey everyone 😊 My heart goes out to all of you! I really know your pain for I was first diagnosed with Migraine in 1985, when I was 13. Through these many years my Evergreen eyes have dilated countless times. Since 2008 however, I have 24/7 Migraines that now just never completely go away. My Doctor can't figure out why, and I've resolved to live through the pain. I won't go into all of my medical problems, but I will say I'm blessed! I will soon be 50 and I have lived through 2 death causing diseases, blood clot in my lung and head+

        1. thank you for sharing with us. You have certainly been dealing with a lot over the course of your life. I'm sorry you have to live with migraine disease. My husband also suffers from chronic migraines that never really resolve even with the new medications he is taking. The pain levels are low now for the most part so that is a plus! I also feel like we are blessed despite living with the illnesses we have. I just cling to the joy I find in each day and I hope you will do the same! Warmly, Cheryl team

      2. Hi Cheryl 👋 Yes, I've learned through the years to thank the Lord for and find the Joy in every day and every one. For EVERYONE is a Blessing He gives for a reason, and something can always be learned from each one. I was around 40 or about, when I lost around 20 years of memory (short-term memory loss) my reading and writing ability, and the use of my right side physically. Yes, I had a stroke, mild compared to A LOT. By Grace, hard work, prayers and perseverance I have managed to regain ALL my physical abilities, and I can write my name and copy words in cursive. My mind no longer can make sense out of written words, unless transcribed. Everything I remember now is within the span of about 8 days and my mind "re-sets" it's self to my long term memories. I live by my own audio/video/picture journal because I've learned that if I see/hear something, I can remember it longer. Through all this and many more things I will not bore you with, the Lord has been SO Gracious, Loving and kind. My hope throughout my life is that I can share His Love and Hope with the world. Thank you Cheryl for your kindness and listening. May the Lord bless you.

        1. Brain injury of any kind is so grueling to come back from. I know we don't know each other, but it takes grit and courage to recover, and I'm proud of you for all the gains you have made. The audio/visual journal is such a great idea for helping to build memory. Sometimes we have to get a little creative to adapt to our new life, right? We do have some videos on the site that you may enjoy. Here's a link to where you can see them all in one place and look back later if you want to.

          Glad you are here with us and sharing your story! Hugs. -Melissa, team

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