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Hi, this is Mysticlyon. The last time I posted it was with great expectations. Yes, they did find out what was causing my migraines so I was working with a pain doctor to try and get at my back because that is where i am getting the migraines. As I write this I am coming down from a 7 day migraine so it looks like the needles he was giving me did not work. So now that I know why, I am looking at getting a MRI. I've had so many cat scans that I am sure I must glow in the dark. So my prayer is that that the MRI will locate the problem and we will know what do do. I have to say honestly that these migraines are different and not the kind that will let you get things done! But I hope because today was just a day and I will cherish it... So I will keep you updated and I pray for all of us who fight this battle. We are not alone. My higher power is there for me and for all.. Stay well, until next time I come back who knows with better news .. Your friend, Mysticlyon

  1. welcome back, it's good to hear from you, although I am sorry to hear that it's because you're experiencing such pain and coming off a 7 day migraine attack. That's never easy. I'm glad to hear that you connected with a doctor. Even if it didn't give you the answer that you wanted, it did help to give a little more clarity of what's going on. I hope that the follow up tests help to get more relief for you. Please know that in the midst of all of this, you are not alone. We're all in this with you! Please keep us updated as you feel comfortable doing so. We're wishing you the best.

    1. Glad to see your name pop up, even if you don't have good news. We are always here for you -- hoping that the MRI gives us something new to talk about. Take good care of yourself and keep us posted, we really do care! Hugs. -Melissa, migraine team

      1. I'm not sure if my reply went thru please let meknow

        1. Hey dear- I'm not sure your comment to Melissa came through if it was on this thread- I can't find it. So sorry if it was lost.
          It's good to hear from you. Grateful for the update and sorry to hear about the intractable attack you just experienced. You are doing an amazing job of navigating all that comes with migraine. It's such a demanding disease. We are here for you and with you. So glad you're with us! Warmly - Holly - team

        2. Hey there! I didn't get anything from you, but I'm still around. 😀

      2. , I'm glad they think they have a possible root cause that triggers your attacks. I'm sorry to hear that the road so far has been disappointing. Despite all that you're encountering, you have a stellar attitude. Having hope as a guiding force has helped so many people I've come across, myself included. I struggled alongside my husband as he endured test after test with no definitive answers to our questions. Hope kept us pushing forward. Defeats became stepping stones, and our journey still continues! I am hopeful that the combination of CT scans and MRIs will shed light on the path of effective management for you. Please keep us posted, Susan. Things will improve, my friend. ((HUGS)), Cheryl team

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