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disease or disorder??

Does anyone have a clue how they decide what is a disease and what is a disorder? I am quite vexed as how some things are called disorders and some diseases. I don't understand how alcoholism is a disease caused by a willful action, but Bipolar is a disorder. I do not mean to offend anyone with these questions. You don't become anorexic until you start sticking your finger down your throat. Someone inherits a tremor from a family member it is called a disorder, no action was taken to set it into motion it just happened. Does anyone out there know and if so is it explainable? I would appreciate any insight.

  1. I agree that migraines should be classified as a disease. I think if something isn't started by an outside intentional action and has to be treated medically it qualifies as a disease. I have several health issues and it just doesn't make any sense to me how Migraine is a disorder, mixed connective tissue disease is a disease. Essential tremor is a disorder but my fibromyalgia is a disease. Can someone help me understand?? Thank You

    1. carla-fisher - Here is a link that might give you some insight:

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