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Disturbing symptoms

Hello everyone, new to the forum, seeking others in my boat, literally I feel like I’m in a boat in a tornado!
I have new symptoms that have been comin on for about a year now but this vertigo and dizziness is sorta new! I have daily migraines with no preventive treatment only rescue! I’ve suffered 35 years with these blasted things and have lost Jobs, friends and even a husband! My life up until about 5 years ago was spent in constant pain, depression set in and anxiety! I use maxalt now!
My new symptoms are very tight almost cramping under chin,
Abdominal pain, dizzy and feeling of depression before it hits. I use maxalt as a rescue but I have to use a half tablet once a day to function! The migraines hit at different times a day! No pattern what so ever, I get the
Drooping eye, tongue tied, pin and needle crawling skin, hot, blind spots, strobe lights, feel like one side of my body is heavy, like I’m in a tilt! But the worst symptom I have is the viscous spinning in my sleep! It wakes me up! It’s like one day I’m spinning in a head over heels rolling in air, the next day I’m spinning round like an shot arrow! I HATE IT! And I can’t stop it!
Does anyone else experience this? Ugh

  1. , thank you for being part of the forum! I'm sorry you are having these experiences. Migraine hits us with some pretty tough symptoms. Is there a reason why you are not on any preventatives for migraine? Preventative therapy measures combined with abortives can be very helpful. I also suffer from vertigo and unsteadiness. Sometimes it is associated with a migraine attack, and other times it occurs from positional issues. There are options that I use that help with this aspect, such as meclizine which you can get over-the-counter labeled for motion sickness, like Dramamine II or the like. You need to look at the active ingredient on the label. You can also get it via a prescription from your doctor. I have also found listening to tracks with binaural beats embedded in them to be helpful. There are many on YouTube if you search for binaural beats for vertigo. Some have music with the beats embedded, while others are just the beats. You can try them out and see if they give you any relief. I absolutely hate vertigo episodes because they are so disabling. There are also different movements that may help a vertigo episode, like the Epley maneuver, or I've used one from Carol Foster that is easier to do alone. I understand what you mean about migraine attacks being unpredictable. Preventatives can help us avoid having to live with that all the time. Maxalt is an effective triptan for many people, but it is meant to be taken as an abortive and not a preventative. Nurtec, however, has been approved for both prevention and abortive use. If you are interested, it may be worth talking to your doctor about it. Being treated by a headache specialist is also another excellent way to ensure you receive the best possible care. If you need help finding one, here is a link to a good article to get you started.
    Here is another related link
    We were able to find excellent specialists at The University of South Florida/Tampa General. There is a headache center on-site there as well. These specialists may not show up in any directories, but they are out there! I hope you find some helpful ways to manage your attack cycles and the symptoms that come along with them. As always, we are here to support you. Let us know how you are doing moving forward. Warmly, Cheryl, team

    1. I’ve tried so many preventives, none has worked in over 35 years
      I have not done Botox yet but am talking with my neurologist now!
      I had one tell me I was just a mystery! That’s not what a migraine sufferer wants to hear. I’m seeing a new doc but takes forever to get in to see him!

      1. Botox, combined with other therapies like the CGRP class of drugs, is helpful for many people. It can be a fight with your insurance carrier to approve that type of therapy regimen. My husband has been a mystery patient far too often! Even with specialty care, his body is still making doctors pause and really do some research to find treatment options that fit his comorbidities. I hope you have good luck with the new doctor and you get the care, respect, and treatment you desire. Warmly, Cheryl team

      2. It drives me crazy how long it can take to get into a doctor -- any doctor -- these days. Did you end up getting an appointment date at least? I'm hoping it's what you're looking for. Take care of yourself. -Melissa, team

    2. Yes I have migraines that spin me around like a whipping tornado, and have similar symptoms. Sounds like you are going through some really scary things right now related to migraine disease. As I read your comment, two things stick out. Firstly, you said "this vertigo and dizziness is sorta new" as well as tight muscles under the chin, abdominal pain, and feelings of depression. When new symptoms arise, the best thing to do is see your treating physician to be sure you are sound medically, where they can do testing and imaging if necessary. I don't mean to scare you, but new symptoms could mean a change in your health. Be sure, and make an appt sooner than later. I really feel for you - I have vertigo with my vestibular migraines and get this spinning and turning and twisting feel each time a migraine hits which has been pretty often lately. It makes me nauseous and irritated and totally incapacitates me for days. I understand what you deal with on this level. Secondly, have you considered managing your migraines better with maintenance medications? Has your treating physician suggested one? I use Maxalt as a rescue as well and is pretty effective. As you stated Maxalt is a good rescue and take 1/2 a pill daily for migraines, I wondered why you didn't mention using a preventative, at least in the recent past since they seem to have worsened. A maintenance medication may be able to lessen the intensity and duration of your episodes. I would hope you could discuss this with your physician, especially with ALL of the symptoms noted in your post. *You may want to print off this post and bring it in as a reference so as to get the point across to them that it is truly affecting your life negatively.* I send you thoughts of relief and hope you find help in managing to ease all of your pain. Rebecca (comm advc)

      1. I started having dizziness and falling since the end of last year
        Drs are baffled.. maybe low blood pressure but who knows
        I'm glad I am not alone

        1. So sorry you are dealing with such a challenging reality. That must be very upsetting and disconcerting to experience. I know blood pressure can cause these kinds of issues and it can also come into play with migraine. Are you seeing a migraine specialist? Warmly- Holly team.

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