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Do migraine medications help in relieving migraine symptoms other than pain?

I have been diagnosed with silent migraine last year and haven't been using medication yet.
The consultations with the neurologist went rather weird which made me decide to not use his prescription. I'm thinking about getting an appointment with another one but first I would like to know if it is of any use to me. Do triptans and other migraine meds help with the fatigue, brainfog and the feverish feeling?

  1. Hi MissCottonHead,

    Great question! Yes, they do. Once we've stopped the migraine attack from progressing, other symptoms will stop too. From one of our articles; " It is believed that triptans halt migraine discomfort by relieving swelling and narrowing blood vessels. The drugs work in several other ways to relieve migraine symptoms, although it is unknown exactly how they work to help stop a migraine attack." Here is a wonderful article from Dr. Dawn Marcus on how triptans work;

    Something to keep in mind is if we have three or more severe migraine attacks a month its time to discuss migraine prevention with our doctor. You can read more about migraine prevention here;


    1. Hi Nancy, thanks for answering my question.
      I might consider seeing another neurologist then next year since it seems worth it (don't have the money for it this year). Especially the brain fog is plain debilitating. It got a lot worse after I quit smoking last year, does that make any sense?

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