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Do you hear high frequencies?

Been trying to think of off the wall triggers for my chronic daily migraine. I've always heard sounds like power lines buzzing and closed circuit tv whines that others can't hear. This was true long before 12 years ago when migraines started.

Anyone else find that they hear more, different, or better than those around them?

  1. This could be a symptom known as Tinnitus (sometimes referred to as ringing in the ears). Just a thought.

    1. Yes, I know that going to be kind of overlapping, but I heard and was uncomfortable with high frequency sounds as a child before migraines or tinnitus developed. Wondering if there are those who have likewise always heard these sounds...and maybe enough exposure along with other things eventually started the migraines.

      1. I have wondered the same thing and asked my neurologist about it. He did not know of any connection nor have I found one in my online research. I hear constant high pitched wine. When I use earplugs, the volume of the wine increases. Maybe because there is no background noise competing.

        1. Yeah, so my husband is an epidemiologist...I'm wondering about this and thinking about using NHANES data for migraine history and the hearing tests. Just wanted to see if anyone else was wondering about this since you're exactly right that there aren't really any papers out there. But I don't know the biology well enough to know whether it's all related to tinnitus and meniere's, or something on its own.

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