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Does the daith piercing work?

  1. The Daith piercing certainly continues to generate lots of questions regarding it's effectiveness. Unfortunately, like any treatment, results seem to vary. Some have found great success and experience relief, while others are not as fortunate. You may be interested to read more about this topic in our forums section - where many have joined in on this conversation. Good luck with your research and be sure to check back if you decide to give it a try!

    1. Many of our members report great results from the daith piercing. We have many articles, with robust conversationmany articles, with robust conversation,on the site which you may be interested in reading. Daith piercing WORKED FOR ME! is a first person account written by one of our members, has some great tips.

      1. The Daith piercing did not help me at all and it hurt like you wouldn't believe; however, I have met someone who had migraines 24/7 and she got both ears done and she has never had another migraine. I was going to get my other ear done depending on how bad the first one hurt. No way!!! Good luck.

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