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Does Lyrica Help?

I read somewhere that Lyrica can be helpful. My doctor would be willing to prescribe it but I've tried so many things. I'm frustrated and tired of spending money on drugs that don't work.

  1. Hi Haven02,

    Thanks for reaching out; it's so frustrating to keep trying new treatments and medications that don't end up working! Part of the bugaboo is that, while you may get feedback from the community on personal experience, treatments can work differently for different people—ARG, right?! Since you asked specially about Lyrica, I found this that you may find helpful: I also came across this article that has a great list of questions to ask your doctor about new medications to try to avoid some of this frustration—perhaps this will be helpful, too: I sincerely hope that you find some relief from your symptoms soon. We're here for you and hope you'll share your progress with us.

    Martha Team

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