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Does migraine cause Dementia?

Hi all, my father is 73 years old and he is suffering from dementia for the past 6 months. Due to my busy schedule I was not able to take proper care of him and so I appointed a local nurse before 1 year. He was having severe migraine problem for the past 7 years. Now his behaviour became aggressive due to this dementia and the home nurse said she couldn't tolerate him any more. I am very confused whether I should go for a senior care home or try for some hospitals for him. When my uncle had an Alzheimer's problem, my cousin managed him with the help of a caregiving service, C-care Health Services, Ontario ( ). I'm also thinking to contact them, but I'm really confused that why dementia occurs for senior people? Does a migraine lead to dementia? I don`t know what to do. Can anyone help me?

  1. Dementia is common in aged people, don't be too confused. I don't think that migraine may lead to dementia.

    1. I don't think so.

      1. Yes, migraine can cause dementia. I wish your dad would get well soon asap. Make sure you are giving him a proper medicine, and doing a routine checkup. My dad was also suffering from dementia, a memory loss disease after his retirement from office. He was feeling so lost after this, so, one of my uncle suggested to call and hire elder care lawyers ( ) who will be there with him for more hours and will take care of his mental health.

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