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Does Tylenol help migraines?

Hi everyone. Im brand new here and need some advice. I've had migraines for years. I take Excedrin migraine when I feel one coming on. If I don't treat it in time I'm in absolute pain, unable to move, sometimes very nauseous and throwing up. Migraines are hell, haha. I get one maybe once a month.

I was wondering, has anyone found relief with Tylenol? I've decided to donate a kidney and in the process of doing this I was told if I went through with the surgery I would have to stop using all NSAIDs. This makes me very nervous, obviously. Migraines are absolutely dibilatating. At some point I'm going to experiment using Tylenol but I also want to reach out to you all. I'm nervous and just need advice from others going through the same thing.

Has anyone else gone through something similar or can offer any advice? It's an anonymous donation. Thank you, everyone, for anything you can share!

  1. Hi SummerRose,

    WOW - that's amazing!!

    Tylenol may work for some people, but not so much for others. Migraine falls on a spectrum from mild to severe, and some people get relief from migraine pain with acetaminophen. I do know if we take too much, it can cause harm. Something you may want to speak with your doctor about.

    I'm not sure how organ donation will impact your migraine treatment, but that should be thoroughly discussed before any surgery occurs, in my opinion.

    Please keep me posted on how things work out,

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