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Dry Needling

Has anyone tried dry needling? My friend has and is having some success. I don't know too much about it but so far nothing has worked for me... I'm so happy to have found this forum/website!

  1. MojoJoJo,
    Yes, I did dry needling for about 6 months for Migraines. I get crazy knots in my neck and shoulders which exacerbates the pain. When chiropractics and acupuncture didn't help, I tried dry needling based on a friend's recommendation that it had helped her plantar fascitis.

    During a session, a series of needles are placed in your problem areas. The needles are thin like acupuncture needles, but they are inserted a little deeper into the tissue (it really doesn't hurt). While the needles are inserted sometimes the practioner manipulates the needle to try to release the bundles of tissue and muscle that are too tight. And sometimes, the needles are attached to an electric TENS-like unit that sends a current into your muscle to break it up. This too, isn't painful and the intensity can be increased or decreased based on your pain level.

    For me, it felt wonderful while the needling was being done and I got relief for a day or two, but the knots seemed to come back. I didn't notice a long term benefit, but everyone is different. My friend swears by it. Just make sure to do some research and go to someone reputable in your area.

    Let us know if you try it and how you like it!
    -Katie Moderator

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