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Earphones that don't cause a migraine

Hi! I'm looking for bluetooth headphones that don't immediately trigger a migraine. I've tried Beatz, which someone told me would be good, but they're super tight (I have a big head).

I also have airpods. I like them, but the problem is, I'm bipolar, and have weirdly shaped ears (that's a thing that happens in utero), and one of them keeps falling out of my ear.

The airpods are what I'm going to have to use if I can't find good headphones. That's not ideal, but can be done.

So it's not a tragedy if I can't find headphones, but if someone has an idea, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

  1. This is an interesting topic. While we wait to see what others suggest, I'm curious -- how do you feel about over the ear headphones? I hate the sensation of having stuff in my ears, so this is my preferred option. Keep us posted if you find something good! -Melissa, team

    1. Sorry, I missed your actual question. I have over the ear headphones, they're Beatz. My head is pretty big, and they just seem to clamp down on my head.

    2. I agree about over-the-ear headphones- I also find if I wear them long enough, I feel pressure and weight over the top of my head which is not needed for those of us who have fairly constant head pain as it is. Warmly- Holly team.

  2. I use Raycon earbuds. AirPods fall out sometimes and just don’t fit the shape of my ears. The Raycon ones are a much better fit and the sound quality is good. Of course, there are different quality levels, depending on price. They come with several tip sizes to fit your ear canal. My ear canals are slightly different in size, so I use a larger tip in right ear.

    1. Thanks ! I'll look into those! But if anyone has other ideas, I'd still like to hear them!

      1. - Hi there! I wanted to chime in with the in-earphones I found that work for my migraine ears- they are super soft (but a bit pricey). My ears are small, so it's been hard to find ones that fit well and don't cause irritation. These are great for me: I wish you luck in your search! Let us know where you land and what works for you- we're always looking to learn! Warmly- Holly team.

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