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Ears Popping

Anyone experience constant ear popping? I can’t find anything on here about it and that was my first symptom. I thought it was an ear infection. Does anyone have any way to stop the sensation? Thanks for your help!

  1. While I don't experience ear popping as a migraine symptom, I have experienced ear popping after a magnesium float that I also thought was an ear infection, and I am very sensitive to air pressure changes.

    The ear popping after the float was helped best by rinsing my ear with a saline spray:

    BTW, the magnesium floats can help reduce my pain by up to 4 pain levels. Definitely worth looking into if you haven't tried it yet.

    What helps me the most with air pressure sensitivity is MigraineX earplugs: The child size fits me best. I seem to have smaller ears than the average adult. I have bought the adult size, then three of the child size. I keep one by my bed, on in my purse, and a spare in case I lose one in my sleep. I have also bought a pair for my sister.

    Hope this helps. I know a lot of times finding a relief is trial and error and what helps one person doesn't help the next. Good luck and hang in there!

    1. Hi Starfire33sp,

      Thank you for your question. It's possible that ear popping could be a symptom of a migraine attack or something else entirely. Have you had a chance to discuss this with the doctor?

      I occasionally have ear popping, but do have constant ear ringing, even without a migraine attack.

      I don't have any suggestions for making this stop. I hope others will be along to share their suggestions with you!
      Have a good day!

      1. Hi,
        I definitely have ear popping as a symptom and it is very debilitating. I am a new migraineur so many of these symptoms are new to me. Was there any solution you found?

        1. Hi, ! Welcome to the community. I'm sorry that you've started having migraines, but you are definitely not alone. We're always here to listen and offer support. Ear popping can have lots of causes -- some have to do with migraine, others don't. Have you talked with your healthcare team about this? It may also be worth visiting an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist to get their perspective as well. I hope you can figure it out! Please keep us posted. -Melissa, team

          1. Thank you Melissa. I plan to see my ENT physician

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