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Does anyone have tips on eating regularly?

I know that eating at regular times help. But like today, I am extremely nauseous. I've only put some rice on now (4pm) because I haven't been able to eat up to now. Nothing stayed down. Any tips on what to do when we can't eat regularly?

  1. I had major trouble with this too a while ago, talk to your doctor about using antinausea medications, These you are not limited to a certain amount, I was taking them around the clock for a few months. I started with gravol but it stopped working, gravol ginger worked for a few months and then not strong enough. I have used maxaran for a bit and then switched to zofran which is amazing for me, but expensive.

    Over time I was to get into a good schedule and eating regularly. It's a cycle because not eating and drinking makes the pain A LOT worse, which causes you not to eat, which causes more pain etc etc. Skipping meals is a big trigger for me too.

    Since I was able to stop the cycle, I only use zofran during acute migraines, I still have daily pain but it's mild enough now to not need meds for nausea.

    Small amounts of food every 15 minutes or so, hunger for me comes as nausea too so it's so,etimes having to force yourself to eat and pray it stays down. Gatorade helps me too, enough sugar to calm down the tummy but gentle enough it normally doesn't come back up.

    Hope your doctor and you can find something that works,

    1. I'll talk to my doctor. Thank you, your advice helps a lot. The gatorade and small amounts of food every 15 minutes is brilliant. Definitely give these a go.

      Gravol did not work this time around. I didn't think the pain was that bad, but I guess it was.

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