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Can eating healthy increase my migraine attacks?

This might just be psychosomatic but sometimes it seems like my migraines get worse when I try to diet and eat healthy. It's frustrating because I feel a conflict between treating my headaches and trying to take care of myself!

  1. One of my (many) doctors counseled me against alllowing my blood sugar to waver all over the place, saying that could be a trigger. She was BIG on healthy eating, and spacing eating out in small healthy meals with protein throughout the day. And tons of water. Are you following the migraine diet, or eating diet foods? Often diet and lowfat foods contain lots of hidden MSG under other names, which is a huge migraine trigger, so I wonder if that could be your problem.

    1. It depends on what you mean by healthy. If your food choices still include too much processed foods rather than whole foods then it's not healthy. Or too fast of food changes could be upsetting your body chemistry and slower changes or just let your body adjust to the changes helps. Maybe googling "migraine diet" and reading persons with migraine journeys and tips could help.

      1. Thanks for your response and @GardensatNight - it's a diet of sorts but not diet food, mostly just trying to limit portion sizes and eat more fruits and veggies and lean proteins over carbs and rich foods. I do think it could be a blood sugar issue in general... It's frustrating when trying to reign in my eating habits and then getting more migraines because of it. =(

        1. It might also be because when you try to eat healthy, you also exercise? Just an idea, exercise does cause a lot of problems for certain individuals.
          I hope that helps!

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