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Is your employer and/or coworkers understanding of your migraine disease?

How do you navigate work & migraine? Has it been a struggle? Please share your experiences with us!

  1. Those who either have it themselves or are related to someone (particularly if it is chronic) are better about understanding than others. The best was a coworker who had a daughter with chronic. He knew the lights were triggering me, so he had them change the lighting around my desk and put up some card board over a window right behind my screens. Unfortunately, he retired and his replacement is the opposite. But the job gives me 18 sick days separate from vacation as well as good insurance, so I have to put up with it.

    1. The individual that was my immediate supervisor also has migraine disease, as does my counter-part on my team. My current manager understands how the migraines (and other issues) affect me and has been very accommodating. He has made it clear to HR and maintenance that he approves any accommodations that may be needed in my environment.

      My HR group has also been very good in handling my concerns. When it is time for the annual FMLA process HR completes everything except the providers sections, and then provides a fillable PDF for my providers to complete.

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