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epilepsy/migraine with aura = the same gene


what do you think? Can epilepsy and migraine with aura be connected? For example, my cousin has epilepsy, I have migraine with aura ... but I don't know if anyone else in our family had something like that...

  1. Barbie 86,
    Great question and oddly enough I have a similar connection in my family. I get Migraines and also have a cousin who has epilepsy (which he has now largely outgrown).

    But yes, there has been a study showing the prevalence in families to have members who get Migraine with aura and other members who have epilepsy. Here's an article:


    1. Thank you Katie Golden. I don't know if any other relatives has something like that. Do you know?
      I have a question for you, have you kids? If you have kids, how was it during pregnancy? I had only MRI without contrast, it was fine.

      1. Barbie86,
        I don't have kids. I've heard that with some it gets better and others its worse. If you are pregnant or thinking about it, here are a couple good articles:

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