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Ever changing symptoms - Insane Nausea

Haven't posted in a bit but lurk often. I haven't had a major migraine in a few months which was an Aura Migraine. I had just completed a 16 page paper, was about to submit then somehow with blurry vision and the coming pain arriving I lost the paper to this day! Luckily I was able to pull it together again. I have had some milder headaches since then with some occasional nausea. On occasion I get a nausea that last for a about a week, it makes me feel like every cell in my body is nauseous, and I can even feel it in my sleep. Really it actually feels painful. This isn't a nausea that causes me to throw up ever, really more like a sensation. Unfortunately I have no appetite with this and my mood is not the best. I guess that is why folks keep commenting on gauntness? So the last time I had this nausea was early March. After it ended I had two back to back Aura migraines a first. After that I have not had this nausea till two weeks ago. After it ended I expected the worse and nothing. What is happening now is the nausea again which I forgot to mention the fatigue that comes and goes that causes me to really just crawl into bed. I also neglected that sometimes I am physical unable to do nothing but try and sleep. At this point I am almost wishing for the migraine which is crazy. Sometimes I feel crazy such as when I think the big one is coming and it doesn't so am I imagining pain? or the strange electrical twinges that occur in my head? Does anyone else have this type of horrible nausea? I have fount it helps to take a promethezine and my pain meds does stop the nausea to a point, doctor said to try the combo. Unfortunately my medicine tolerance is low so it isn't always possible to take the promethezine while at work.

  1. deejak,

    This illness is so complicated, with new side effects and triggers and patterns popping up all the time. You are not alone in having nausea, fatigue, and loss of appetite with your migraine attacks. Doing a search for the word "nausea" on our site (see search box in upper, right-hand corner) will lead you to a variety of articles. This one by my colleague Diana Lee was pretty eye-opening for me.

    Also of note: there's not really something called an "aura migraine." Rather, approximately one-third of migraineurs experience auras during the beginning phases of their migraine episodes. This is called "migraine with aura." You can find more information here:

    I'd encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider about the increase in nausea you have been experiencing as well as your other symptoms. Whenever your symptoms or migraine patterns change, it's important to take note and then discuss those changes with your doctor.

    Best of luck to you, and let us know how you're doing!

    Janet G.
    "The Migraine Girl"

    1. I agree! complicated and bizarre! I will do the nausea search for tips and to read about the other experiences. I think support overall helps from other sufferers even if the symptoms persist. Friends and family just don't get it because describing what one is going through seems so bizarre to them.
      I do always make that mistake about the migraine names, Migraine with aura. I will check out that link as well 😀

  2. Hi deejack,

    It is nice to see you posting again! I'm sorry to hear you've had such a rough time recently, let me see what I can do to give you a hand.

    It's not uncommon to see our migraine patterns and symptoms change over time. I see you've spoken with your doctor about this, which is great. Any time we experience these changes it's important to discuss them so he can rule out anything more serious. And besides, there may be other things he can suggest to take at the first sign of nausea which will not create issues so you can continue to work. Ginger for example helps many of us with nausea: Other medications that can help include antihistamines, Compazine, Phenergan, Reglan, and Zofran.

    And it is possible that nausea has nothing to do with migraine. As Tammy says in this article, we always assume that our symptoms are related to migraine. But in fact sometimes they aren't! Take a look at this interesting article;

    It is possible to have aura, the second phase of a migraine attack, without getting the third phase or headache. We can experience nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and the other symptoms and not get the headache. And each phase of a migraine attack has their own list of symptoms and some overlap. Let me share this article about migraine phases with you;

    If you aren't feeling better very soon, you may want to contact your doctor again and ask for help with this.

    Please keep us posted on how you are feeling,OK??

    1. Hi Nancy 😀

      Thank you for the tips and suggestions. Right now ginger this and that is my friend. I did shoot a message to my doctor to see what she suggests. Sometimes I still wish for the headache? is that crazy or what? Still have the nausea minus the crazy fatigue right now, still grouchy too. It seems to come and go and usually when it finally leaves I feel actually amazing, really strange!

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