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Does anyone else experience long term aura?

Hi I have been experiencing auras for over 3 months now. They began prior to a 27 day un-breakable headache. Now my headaches are minimal most days but come and go (very chronic migraines) but the auras stay. I had blurred vision for a month and a half and for the entire time I have seen starbursts or beams of light coming off of certain types of light sources. Does anyone have experience with auras lasting this long? I can't leave my house after dark because the street lights are so disorienting.

  1. Yes I too have very chronic migraines and also have visual disturbance most of the time.
    Vertical and horizontal lines shimmering. I’ve also had some blurred vision - thought it was just me!

    1. Wow! I can't believe I found someone else. I can't find anything written about this anywhere on the Internet. How long has this been occurring for you? I feel like I can manage the pain but the visual symptoms are actually the most debilitating thing for me. Also I'm very sorry that you also have to deal with this.

    2. Hi there again , I am very happy to see that you have received some community feedback, but I did also just want to be sure to mention that if you have not already to be sure to discuss what you are experiencing with you doctor in order to rule out anything more serious.

  2. Hi there , Thanks for your question! Your question was also featured on Twitter and I wanted to pass along one of the replies. I will be sure to share any additional should the tweet receive any additional responses.

    Twitter Reply: Floaters and fairy lights in my vision for days at a time, depth perception issues for months at a time. Accidentally, I discovered Scopolamine patches breaks the cycle ... usually. #migraineproblems

    1. Yup, I'm chronic and have some level of headache daily. My aura of neon fireflies in various colors appears nearly daily, intensifiying as the headache worsens, and as the day progresses. Don't really have a way to get rid of them.

      1. Same for me too. Chronic for 12 years and the visual aura symptoms never appear to go but will reduce in intensity as migraine eases. Black jagged lines that float in front of vision and recently vision started blurring too in relation to strength of migraine. I have no answer for you but you are not alone, I am sorry you are both (all) suffering.

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