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What works?

My husband has experienced migraines for years. They are over his eyes/sinus area. A few years ago we made it our top focus to try and get answers which led no where. Even food allergy testing. When it hits you can see. His eyes/eyelids puff up and the area that hurts the worst swells. Does anyone else experience their migraine like this and no what causes it or what helps? We keep thinking it’s definitely food related but that has been inconsistent as it can start after eating or he’ll wake up with it without eating and the last couple weeks it’s constant. He can’t get rid of it. Looking for any suggestions..

  1. Hey, . I am sorry that your husband is going through this. Has he been able to see a neurologist or headache specialist? I know a few of my triggers are onions and cheese, fluorescent lights, excessive heat, certain perfumes...and the list keeps going. My eye droops but doesn't swell. I have not heard of the area smelling. Hopefully, others will chime in with their experiences. Here is a link that shares different types of Migraine. If you click on the underlined ones it will explain them in more depth. Hugs, Shayla (, Team Member)

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