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face too thin is caused from migraine

please somebody can say me if is normal that my face is like skeleton
i suffer for 20 years of migraine. and my face now is like zombie

i want know if is cause from migraine or ibs

or Depression serotonin.

please somebody can help me thanks

  1. Depression can make any underlying medical problem worse.

    As a person who has had a chronic severe migraine for over 30 years keeping myself buttressed against despair and anger is as big a job as managing the pain.

    Make sure your treatment covers both problems.

    When your pain breaks through your last abortive and there are 5 days until you can refill life can be pretty damn dark. If you make yourself busy helping others or work toward a goal you feel like you've achieved something and you don't spend as much time worrying about yourself.

    1. Hi DadOhio,

      Thank you for sharing that with us. Learning how to cope with chronic illness is not easy and you've make a great point about about insurance, thank you.

      I hope you're having a low pain day,

  2. Hi ares,

    I'm so very sorry we haven't answered your question until now. Let's see what we can do to help you.

    I've not come across any information about facial shape and migraine, have you had a chance to mention this to your doctor?

    I can tell you migraine is comorbid with many other diseases, meaning they can occur at the same time but are not caused by one another. Take a look at this information when you get a minute;

    I hope this helps,

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