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Has anyone tried the Fasciablaster?

The person who developed it and the theory seems legit but I’m not sure. Please let me know your experiences if you have tried it.

  1. Hi there ,
    Thanks for your question! I have never heard of this product and will be interested to hear what our members may have to say! Is this product intended to help in migraine management? -Joanna ( Team)

    1. It is a theory that the fascia can cause tight muscles which can then cause muscle spasms that can start or aggravate a migraine.

  2. Hi - Thanks for the question. I actually did get one of these tools- not the long one that I think is intended to break up fat on legs and arms, but the handheld one to use on my tight neck muscles. It works well to dig into the knots that get into my neck- and, if you use it as she suggests, with oil and heat, you can get your muscles to move and let go a bit. The one I bought broke within three weeks and they replaced it for free. I can't say how it works on the fat/fascia stuff as I didn't really buy it nor am I using it for that. Hope this helps! Warmly, Holly B. ( team).

    1. I've used it on my outer thighs to address running-induced pain there. I have used the small one on my face (for vanity) but no results yet in terms of migraines. Ice hats help.

      1. I recently started using a faciablaster on my bloated belly. Following a few days of rigorous blasting, I’ve had a 3 day bout of the worst migraine I’ve had in years! I’m positive, this was a healing crisis of too much toxic build up sent into my bloodstream too fast. I usually take some baking soda water at the first signs of a migraine, and it has worked wonders! But this time nothing worked. I would heed you take caution with any rapid weight loss endeavors, and focus on healthy diet and exercise. I’ve learned this the hard way, too many times!

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