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Fatigue and lack of focus--advice please!

Hi all, last night I had trouble focusing on my computer screen, felt like I couldn't see too well, chalked it up to being tired and went to bed. Today started out okay but halfway through I was met with crushing fatigue and again that sensation that even though I could see, it was like my eyes didn't want to see right. I left work early and crawled into bed for 4 hours, despite a full night's sleep last night. Now I'm okay but kinda slow and tired and foggy, feels a lot like my usual postdrome migraine hangover. My migraines have increased slightly in frequency lately, so do I just chalk today up to more migraine symptoms and ride it out? I'm feeling pretty lousy and people at work are getting concerned. I'm also looking for coping tips, if you know anything that will help minimize the symptoms. (Sleep and coffee only got me so far, I'm still struggling to do everything I need to get done).

  1. Hi I am sorry you are having such a hard time with your migraines recently. As we cannot give medical advice, it may be a good idea to mention this to your doctor to see if they are concerned or not. Have you noticed anything making this better or worse? For me personally I have a sleeping disorder, chronic migraines, and cluster headaches. Are the type of migraines you're experiencing different than normal or are they just slightly increasing in frequency? I find for me that going to sleep the same time every day and waking up roughly the same time daily has help minimize my migraines and helps me not be so sleepy. Please let us know if there are any other questions you may have or if we can show you any other resources. I hope you find some answers! Warmly, Tara (team member)

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