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Feel helpless

Hello all, first time poster.
I have suffered from migraine my entire life. As a kid i would always vommit and be sick and back then no one knew how to diagnose my kind of migraine. Fast forward tk my twenties and im sudde ly struck with constant dizziness, difficulty speaking, weird vision, flashing lights, nausea, head pressure. After a slew of tests i get diagnosed witj status atypical basilar migraine aka when it starts it doesnt stop. Im going through a phase right now and its been months. Im tryinf depakote stsrted today. Ive become depressed and reclusive. Im scared ro go our because im so dozzy and nauseous i may fall down on the street or vomit.

I am tired of the pain. I want advice on how to feel better emotionally ig anyone has anyone. I can handle a week of pain but this is constant month after month of symptoms. Sorry my typing is so bad but its hard to type.

  1. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I experience dizziness occasionally but when I do, it is awful. I can't imagine having to deal with that all the time.

    I'm currently on a month long phase of constant headaches that sometimes become raging migraines. It's very depressing and frustrating. I don't leave my house a lot either just due to the fact that I'm exhausted and feel like crap. I feel like crying all the time and don't really know how I'm supposed to live life when I feel so awful. I want to just curl up in my bed and stay there forever. And no one understands, not even my family.

    I get Botox injections and they help to some extent but I still feel like I'm constantly living in a nightmare. I can't even begin to imagine what a day without a headache or migraine is like.

    Hopefully the Depakote will start working and you will start feeling "normal" again. All I can say is hang in there and know that you are definitely not alone. Not even close.

    1. OMG...I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal. I am 40 years old and have had migraines since age 5, so I feel your pain. I have been in a everyday migraine status for two years now...every day for two years...I really feel your pain. I don't know how to help you besides telling you that you are not alone and it can get better. I never give up hope that I will get better and continue to look for anything that I can take, do or change to make myself better. I know its hard to find a good doctor to help, but don't give up on the search. Try new meds, relaxation techniques (they work for me), food trigger avoidance, etc. My best advice is to keep a journal...not just to track your migraines and symptoms, but to let everything out. I write every day and I don't have to feel guilty about burdening anyone with it, it all goes on the paper. It is a great release for me and gives me a chance to keep track of the migraine situation without having to try to remember everything when I go to the doctor. I have taken everything under the sun it seems, but I stopped everything and started fresh with a new doctor and tried one medication at a time. They tend to want to over-medicate us and we can't let them. Stay on this blog and continue to fight because that's all we have...fight and strength in numbers. People are always disappointed with lots of things so don't give up on going out when you can...just will be worth it.

      1. I hate to say it but I have lost trust in the doctors. I began looking into natural stuff that didn’t make my hair fall out and make me feel crappy from all of the side effects.I found a product that worked for me after 30 years of suffering every single day with a migraine. I consider myself at the extreme end of sufferers. Might be worth a try for some of you and the best part was its all natural (no side effects) and they offered a trail bottle. I read all of these posts on this site and it breaks my heart to know most of you are still miserable. Look them up. It might be your answer. Doctors and meds did NOTHING for me for years!!! The name is URLifeBack and I stand by it. It gave me back my life and I’m grateful. Best of luck to all of you

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