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Feeling hopeless sometimes with the chronic migraine

Hi all,

I'm a guy, 36 years old, and suffering from migraines since I was 12. In the beginning, I had them only once a year. But lately I've got a lot of migraines during the last several months. Sometimes 2 times a week, and it's really killing me. My social life is also starting to suffer, I've got to cancel appointments, calling in sick from work etc. I'm trying to maintain a healty lifestyle, sports, eating healthy, drinking 2 liters water every day, alcohol only in the weekend (2/3 beers).

But still the attacks occur more and more frequently. When I do have an attack, I feel really hopeless and even starting to think about suicide, because I really wanting the pain and suffering to stop. And I really feel people (friends, familly, co-workers) don't understand what I've going through.

Anyone else has this feeling of losing hope and getting those dark thoughts running through their mind?

Kind regards

  1. first of all i want to let you know that you are not alone and taking the first step by reaching out is very brave of you. i have suffered with chronic migraine since age 5 and i am now 41, so its been quite some time. i am constantly trying new things so don't give up either. depression is very common among us migraineurs but all you have to do is first cut yourself some slack and then make sure to mention your thoughts to your doctor. you are going to miss things and people are not going to understand but you can't ever help what other people understand about anything. i know its hard but i try to remember that there are plenty of other people out there with way bigger problems than a headache (like missing arms, legs, eye-sight, etc). i try to call it a headache even though we both know its more than that...light sensitivity, smell sensitive, irritability, nausea, vision problems and just plain old head pain beyond belief. i don't have a magic pill of relief, i just do what i can and forget about what i can't...everybody else will just have to deal with it (they aren't perfect either). find what works for you in regards for the depression...therapy, medicines, support group. do whatever works for your headaches and don't give up the search for a great set of doctors to help you. DON'T GIVE UP ON TALKING TO US HERE, WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS WHO UNDERSTAND.

    1. 3xmmm: Your depressive mood is part of the migraine.

      1) Find yourself a Neurologist wo is familiar with Migraine
      2) Do not take normal pain killers, Only take Migraine approved meds. (such as: Triptanes, Botox,etc.)
      3) Do not lock yourself in. Force yourself to go out and meet people.
      4) Meet with other Migraineurs. (Self- group)
      5) Involve family and friends and explain what migraine is about when you feel well. In case of Migraine attack you will not be abe to explain anything.
      6) Be aware that nobody is able to cure Migraine at the moment. So you do not have to make Migraine your friend, but accept that migraine will visit you every once and a while. AND WHEN MIGRAINE IST NOT THERE: LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!

      I AM 54 NOW AND SUFFERED WITH MIGRAINE SINCE I WAS 7 YEARS OLD. 20-25 days per month!!!!!!!. I know what you are going through. I wish you all the best. Do not give up. Write to us in the forum when you are desperate. Kind regards from Austria, Europe

      1. Anyone here knows about doxyva? I have a migraine and can’t drive accordingly. I even got into a trouble last time while driving, my head hurts and my eyesight becomes blurry. I almost got into an accident and even don’t know what to do. They said that this device could help me conquer this migraine and could improve my health. I’ll be glad for your feedback.

        1. As someone who has attempted suicide several times and has suffered from migraines for 22 years and had their life turned completely upside down, I'm going to be super blunt no drinking......not even 2 or 3 beers on the weekend. Get a therapist, I know you don't think you need one, you me. We all know friends and family don't really get it. Inbox me if you feel like you're going to do something stupid and suicide is stupid. I was very close to being successful once and when I woke up it scared the shit out of me, but we press on and fight, we aren't going to be defeated by this. We are in this together.

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