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Finally Free

Since this is my first post I apologize in advance for making it longer than I normally do in a forum setting.
I'm 63 year old and have been experiencing migraines since age 26.
I discovered Imitrex soon after it was released and have been on it since then. It was like being released from prison as many of you will attest, but over the years. I have had my headaches increase in frequency to the point that I was having one per day for the past 5-10 years. Thankfully, Imitrex always worked but I had increased the dosage to the point I was taking 100mg. per day and sometimes more.
Most recently I was prescribed Topamax and it made me very sullen and withdrawn and I discontinued it after about 4 days.
On May 13th of this year I was visiting Sedona AZ and happened to be at an art/craft fair
exhibit. A gentleman who was displaying his magnetic jewelry caught my attention when I read his brochure claiming to cure migraines. Naturally I told him I doubted this claim and he said if it didn't cure my migraines he would refund my purchase price. I told him plainly that I was convinced it wouldn't help me and that I didn't want to bother him or myself with the return procedure. He asked me what I had to lose and since I had exhausted my arguments, I relented and bought a necklace.
Gradually, and to my utter disbelief, my migraines lessened in severity and I was able to go a bit longer each day before the migraine kicked in. I reduced the amount of medication from 100mg per day to 50, then 25, then even lower.
Over the past week I've had less than 50 mg., in total.
For the first time in decades I can understand the world of non-migraine sufferers and how it is not to be under that fog of pain.
I won't argue the results, I just wanted to share them with a community of people I feel a true kinship with. No one can understand what we endure, other than another migraine sufferer.
There is no amount of money in the world that I would accept to take this necklace off and not be allowed to have it back.
I think there are some of you who know what value that is.
I hope this helps many of you.

  1. Hi FAL63,

    Thank you for sharing that with us and being part of the discussion forum! We love hearing success stories.

    Please keep us posted on your progress,

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