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Seeking a new doctor since my Neurologist left his practice 3 months ago. All Dr.s I have seen keep pushing the CGRPs that cause nausea and vomiting for me, BUT they won't prescribe the triptan that works for me without side effects !!! I feel discounted and depressed, the last dr. I saw walked in ANGRY before we even talked and IMMEDIATELY said NO TRIPTANS, SHE was rude , demeaning, etc....I left with NO help and cried all the way home.... I am afraid to see any more drs. !

  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a discouraging experience with your doctor. It's frustrating when you don't feel seen or understood by your very own doctor. I don't know their reasoning behind their recommendations, so I can't speak to that. I'm sure that you've talked through your reasoning - namely the side effects that you experience. Do you think that you might have a better outcome talking with a headache specialist versus a neurologist or even a pain management doctor? I don't know the specifics on each but I know that some of our community members have had good experiences from exploring some non-traditional routes. Just a thought. Either way, I'm wishing you much luck with it all. Keep us posted on how everything goes.
    Alene, Team Member

    1. Hey there. Have you tried to find a new doctor since you shared this? I wanted to pass along two directories of board-certified headache specialists. We don't endorse any doctors, but these lists might give you a good starting place for your own search.

      Don't give up. Your doctor should be on the same page as you with your goals and concerns, or at the very least have a respectful explanation for why they disagree. You deserve compassion and understanding. Keep us posted, we're all here for you! -Melissa, migraine team

      1. Melissa Arnold No luck YET finding a Dr. been to several , LOTS of Pain WITHOUT meds...but DO have another appointment on the 28th ....send prayers!

        1. it certainly takes a lot of persistence, resilience and stamina to get the care that we need. It's worth it in the end, but we're sending you lots of hope and encouragement in the waiting. I'll keep you in prayer and keep us posted on how it goes. We'll be anxious to hear how the appointment goes.
          Alene, Moderator

        2. hi there Lucy! Just wanted to check in to see how your appointment went this week. We’ve been thinking of you. Warmly - Holly - team

      2. Alene Brennan, Thank you so very much for the encouragement and prayers , very much appreciated. Trying hard to keep strong.....

        1. Finding a compatible doctor is SO important and somehow very hard sometimes! It's one of the most important parts of the migraine journey. It's so important that we feel validated - heard- and supported. This relationship should feel like a partnership rather than a power imbalance. Perhaps this article will help as you prepare for your upcoming appointment on the 28th: We are here for you! Warmly - Holly - team

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