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Finding A Migraine Specialist?


There is a lot of useful information on this site about migraine specialists and such, however (due to the nature of this site) it's all American. Not complaining at all, but I have a question.

Does anyone know where I can A) find a migraine specialists in Australia? or B) find a list of migraine specialists in Australia? or C) find out where to find this information?

At this point, I'm getting a variety of opinions from various sources about the cause (eg. two different Psychiatrists giving opposing opinions on the role of stress in my migraine) and would love to find someone who is actually a migraine specialist to try and find some form of useful treatment.

  1. I'm well aware of what a banana bender is.

    I am, however, not so well aware of what a pain clinic does. Will have to look into it, didn't realize they had migraine specialists. Maybe they don't all. There are a few that are nearby me, might look into it. Thanks for your input.

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