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Fioricet vs. its Generic form

Hi, I am new here. Sorry to start a new conversation if this has already been discussed but I didn't see this topic. I have always had a lot of success with Fiorict and/or Esgic Plus but my mail order drug company CVS has sent me the generic Margesic instead (a while capsule.) It really seems like this is not as effective yet I've always heard generics are supposedly just as good. Has anyone else had this experience or any advice? Thank you.

  1. Hi carolelynn,

    Thank you for your question, and we're happy to see you post!

    I've heard from many people who feel generic medications are not as effective as the brand name, while others have no issues with this. Generic drugs have the same active ingredient as brand name, but do not have to have the same inactive ingredients. This is a great article from the FDA with more information;


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