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Today I had my FIRST Migraine with Aura

First time in 25 years!! It was awful. I didn't know what was going on. I thought I was going blind!!!! Worst feeling ever. I'm so sorry for all of you that have to deal them all the time. I felt helpless. It lasted about 15 min and slowly moved up (if that makes sense) and off my vision. Spoke to my cousin who works at an eye dr office and she was the one who told me what it could be. I googled images and there it was...that weird rainbow looking curvy light blocking some parts of my vision. I even lost my peripheral vision for few minutes. Scary. I hope it never happens again!


    I am so sorry to hear that you experienced Migraine with Aura today, and I hope you are feeling better. It can certainly be scary to experience aura, as you well know. I thought you might be interested in checking out some further information about aura and its manifestations : Thank you for being a part of the community and take care!

    1. Thanks for sharing the article. I definitely heard about it but never experienced it until last week. Not a good feeling and hopefully it wont happen again.

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