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I have been reading a lot about symptoms and have yet to find anyone that experiences or has shared that they experience "flushing" before or with their migraines. I suffer with chronic migraines, debilitating for 12 years. In the last two years they have changed, symptom wise. My question is: Does anyone experience a skin flush, bright red, from your chest and up your neck to your face? I know I am in big trouble when this starts. I am unable to take ANY type of triptan medications and I do have cardiac issues. My doctor just shrugs her shoulders when I ask why it's happening. On the positive side, it is a sure sign that I need to take action and do what I can to keep the pain level down. Sometimes I feel as if I am alone in my pain because I have not found the right doctor to listen to all of the strange and alarming things that occur when I have a migraine. I have however found that many of you do suffer along with me with some of these strange alarming things also. I would just like to know why? Yes, many things are still not understood about migraines, and we are all different, but if anyone has an answer, I would appreciate a response. Thank you

  1. Hi ivbnw8n4u,

    I occasionally experience facial flushing before I get a migraine. It tends to happen when a migraine is triggered by neck pain, but not always.

    Not to worry, you are not alone!


    1. I have chronic daily migraines and I definitely experience facial flushing moments to an hour before a migraine. Either my entire face will flush bright red, getting really hot, or the same will happen to one ear on the side of the impending migraine. Even more odd, I have noticed that in the past 4 or so months (as long as I have been flushing) I wake up in the morning and the back of my left hand is bright red in the same way.

      1. Monaewok,

        Have you told your doctor about this change? It's always good to check in when you have a change in symptoms to be sure everything's OK and your current treatment regimen is the right approach. Those of us with chronic migraine tend to brush that sort of thing off (I have many times), so I wanted to ask.


        1. I have been trying figure out the source of my flushing. I can totally relate to the doctor shrug off. Mine suggested recent weight gain as the source... which I know the difference between fat sweats and flushing. Since I also have gets complicated, much like your heart problems. Tramadol has helped control it before it escalates while working on preventative solutions. I do think my doc gets the big picture. Seeing a conservative neurologist was a good decision overall. I hope you can get some relief soon.

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