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Fox Valley Wisconsin

I am in Appleton, WI & would love if anyone knows of any groups in that area. Or would be interested in starting on. I would be willing to open my home & I promise, no bright lights or loud noises😀

  1. Hi JodiM,

    I'm not aware of any migraine/headache disorder support groups in that area, but you may want to consider starting one. I started a migraine/headache disorder support group in the Buffalo, NY area three years ago. I hold these monthly meetings at a local doctors, attendance fluctuates, but the feedback is positive.

    Let me know if you'd like any help with this,


    1. Hi Nancy, I am trying to start a support group here in Toronto, and i'm wondering what advice you could give to someone who has never run one before? If you have time to reply I would so appreciate it!

      Jodie E

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