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From shivering to sweating...

I have one weird symptom of a migraine that I just can't seem to deal with, and I was wondering if someone could help?

When I have a migraine I'll go from insanely cold to insanely hot. My mom (who I have explained this too a few times) always worry that I have a fever when it comes up, though I rarely even get a fever. Usually I'm insanely cold with a migraine, like FREEZING! I have about 5 warm blankets on my bed, and I will huddle under all of them shivering. But then a couple of hours will pass and I'll be sweating. I have to turn my fan on full blast and wear the lightest clothes I can find (and still sweat through those). But then a few hours later again I'll be cold again, and I can never find a good equilibrium. One or two degrees is all it takes to go from freezing to sweating, I have to wash my clothes, sheets, and blankets often, I've brought jackets with me in the middle of summer (because I'm usually cold with a migraine). It's unbearable.

  1. Hi faeriefate

    Its so not funny to see this post because it is the worst... I get it I have the same thing. I go to put my AC up one min then the next Im like shivering like right now as I wright this. having to rewrite a sentence three times lol. When I dont drink enough water i tend to get really really cold flashes, then im sweating like crazy. its like you explained hot and cold. Also when I have a migraine I am cold as well. Weird. Not sure what it could be from.
    Im sorry your going through this just know your not alone. This is my first time ever writing on here. Hope you feel better.

    1. Check out this article from a Harvard professor on urgent vs non-urgent headaches. It also has a pretty cool quiz you can take when you have a headache.

      1. Kim Marchetti, I understand how it's the absolute worst. Ignoring how frustrating it is that you can't just be comfortable and you have to wear weird clothing (I've had to wear jackets in sweltering heat despite the fact that I'm sweating because I was freezing a few hours earlier when I left the house). But the electric bill when you keep adjusting the thermostat! And moving around to turn off the fan that you jsut turned on or get another blanket makes you cold. Then you're jsut miserable, but if you complain to anyone they freak otu and worry about a fever, and you gotta be like "no, it's just the migraine, I swear." But they make you check your temp anyways, so you gotta get up and face the old for a few seconds to get the thermometer. It's just frustrating and miserable.

        1. I get the same during a bad spell. I actually shake with the cold and shiver and then I'm so hot I sweat like a beast. So you're not alone, it's just part of the migraine parcel.

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