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I have had at least 2 weeks of daily migraines which is bad even for me, a chronic migraine sufferer. I tried to get into see my migraine specialist today but Monday was the best they could do. The nurse called to offer advice but it was all of the things that I was already doing. Then she said the dreaded words: "You should go to your primary care doctor and get a T..... shot".
Is that the only answer to breaking the cycle of daily migraines? Any other suggestions to keep from getting overuse headaches? I am so frustrated at this that I'm crying at my desk.

  1. Hi lifeinview,

    I'm so you've been in extended pain - that is so very frustrating.

    There are other ways to break a nasty migraine cycle. I'm lucky in that my migraine expert has an infusion center at his practice. If you doctor doesn't provide this, you may want to find one who does. Below is a list of medications that can be used to break a migraine cycle- not all at once;

    Brand name Decadron, or dexamethasone
    Brand name Depacon, valproate sodium
    Brand name Inapsine, or droperidol
    Brand name DHE-45 or dihydroergotamine
    Brand name Keppra or levetiracetam
    Brand name Phenegran or promethazine
    Brand name Regaln, or metochlopramide
    Brand name Ultram or tramadol
    magnesium sulfate

    The ER or urgent care is the last place we want to go when our head is throbbing and we are throwing up, but sometimes is necessary.

    Comfort measures such as ice or heat may help get you through until Monday. I'm sorry you have to wait that long. If unbearable, is there a doctor on-call who has another suggestion and willing to send you to the ER?

    I hope this breaks asap. Please let me know how you are,

    1. Second the infusion idea! I'm chronic intractable as well, and when I'm having a long nasty one (sorry you're currently going through this), that's pretty much what breaks up the cycle. What did you mean by a "T...shot"??

      You mentioned overuse headaches. How many times per week/month have you been taking triptans/painkillers? I know it feels really horrible when you're having constant migraines and they just won't quit. Infusions can be helpful because they can give you medicines that will help calm your head down while you're getting out of the overuse cycle (if you and your doctor think that's what's going on.)

      Ice helps me. Some people like heat. I'm a snowbear. It doesn't take away the pain, but it takes it down a few notches.

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