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gammaCore, has anyone used it?

Has anyone used this device? My neurologist wants to do a nerve block and I’m a little frightened. Thought this might be worth a try first.

  1. Hi , Thanks for your question! I am sure others will be along to share their personal feedback with this device, but I wanted to share that one of our contributor's Kerrie has shared some information related to her personal experience with the gammaCore device. You can check some it out here.
    GammaCore Overview -
    GammaCore Use -
    Getting the gammaCore Settings Right -

    Hope this helps! Good luck. -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Thank you very much..

  2. Hi JPaula- I also have used Gammacore and I've had nerve blocks as well. The Gammacore is of course less invasive- though I must say the nerve blocks weren't as dramatic as I feared. Have you ever had Botox?

    On Gammacore, Kerrie's articles (to which Joanna has already sent links above) are incredibly instructive and I'm not sure what else I can add except to say that I found it very helpful initially with offsetting my migraine pain, but eventually that efficacy faded- however- what it helps mostly with, for me, is nausea and vomiting. It IMMEDIATELY calms and quiets my nausea. Within 15 seconds of turning it on, I can feel my gut settling. It's quite wonderful in that way for someone like me, who struggles with nausea and vomiting on a more than weekly basis.

    It can be difficult to get, and maintain, health insurance coverage for Gammacore at this stage in the game- but if it works for you, it's well worth fighting for.

    If you have any specific questions, please let us know!

    1. Thank you for your description of the GammaCore.
      And to Joanna as well for her links. I’m having an MRI tomorrow for the nerve block.

  3. I tried gammaCore while in the hospital for an infusion. I was glad I was able to try it before I bought it!!! By the time I was even able to feel it on my "bad side" it was causing so much pain on the other side I just ripped it off, not turned it off...ripped it off! If it isn't to late, I would suggest seeing if you're able to try before you buy. Good Luck.

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