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Does climate and location affect migraine?

I live in Richmond, BC. It's below sea level. Last week I visited Ontario, Canada and I was migraine free the whole week. I get back and have been suffering for 2 days now. Does climate and where you live affect migraine? Curious.

  1. Yup, sea level is better for me - less allergies and more stable weather lol. I live in Calgary and chinook winds absolutely kill me. But my whole family, support system and doctors are here so moving is not an option. :/

    1. Altitude and climate definitely are major triggers for me. I had to move from 7000 feet to almost sea level to gain a few migraine free days a month. I can no longer travel in high altitudes or fly in an airplane. Barometric pressure changes continually trigger migraines for me, especially low pressure, but any change, even minor, is a problem, as are weather and seasonal changes.

      1. Thanks 😀 My doctors are here too Tamara. I was great in Fort Frances. I didn't like the plane much. And coming back to a place below sea level has given me grief. Gubs, I'm a human barometer. LOL Small earth tremors, change of seasons...all affect me. I am wondering now, if there is anything I can do for where I live. Does anything help those of us that don't live in the mountains?

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