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Getting out of headache h*ll!

So a few weeks back I was fed up with my migraines and headaches. They began at the age of 9, and I am now 29. My migraines were down to only about twice a year, with the occasional week long of pain. Last year I began working, and unknowingly spiraled into medication overuse. Two weeks ago I quit my 11 year Excedrin use cold turkey, hoping that was the cure to my daily headaches. The headaches persisted.

On Monday I found myself speaking to a neurologist. Well a nurse practioner at a neurology center. First thing she said I can't get disability and have to get better. Gee thanks, I wasn't there for disability. She prescribed amitriptyline, said, "It' a long boat to China" worse before I'm better. No sugar, caffeine,over the counter meds, cut back on sugar. Get an Mri, see you in 3 months. Um, thanks?

My headaches feel worse (they always begin around noon and by dinner are gone. It's hard to get thru without any meds), maybe it is because of no more caffeine (I was having half a soda a day). I'm hoping not the meds, as that has me in an anxious fog. (I said I don't do good on antidepressents but she said it's only 10 mg.) I was given Maxalt, 3x a week max. I have already reached taht and still need Aleeve or benedryl (only 2 aleeve a day and try to stick to 2 benedryl), and even with that I am in bed for a few hours. Luckily no full blown migraines and I can function enough, get out a little, but I'm still severely impaired.

I'm scared I will never get better. I'm afraid how sick I will get if I don't take any meds at all. I'm ready to just go to the er and see what injection I can get to see if that breaks the cycle. I feel even more alone than before the appointment. As a single Mom, I've just quit my job. And found myself in a really good relationship before the headaches got even worse. My life can't just stop. Not now. Ironically this stress is probably making things worse, but I can't work how I am feeling. It's a vicious cycle.

Sorry so long. Just looking for some light at the end of this tunnel. I don't want to be sick weeks, months or longer. It has never been this bad. I'm not sure if I should stick with the amitriptyline, go to the er, ask the NP what to take, or what to do from here. Or if there isn't anything else but to take nothing and suffer praying that the cycle ends... Thanks for any advice!

  1. Ah, rough story. I understand though, sometimes I am one good day, one bad day for weeks. Hard to make plans, suffer through work, spend too much time on the couch! I am currently under the care of a neurologist, probably about to be prescribe Topomax, which seems to have some pretty crappy side effects. Have you tried some natural remedies? Look into the forum for it. 400mg B2/day, 300mg CoQ10 (ubiquinol is absorbed more readily, though), and either butterbur or feverfew. BE SURE to research any of these first. Maybe they will help. Good Luck.

    1. A short course of steroids to break the inflammation may be helpful.

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