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Getting worse, missing work

I have come to notice that my migraines are getting worse, as we speak I am sitting in my living room with my blinds shut, this on a wonderfully sunny day.I am becoming more sensitive to light, sun light, and UV lights, both of witch surround me at work I came home Wednesday with a Migraine, this happens a lot, I work on call, so I get minimal hours, so I feel pretty bad when I have to go home early because of a Migraine, no one else in my department gets them so they have absolutely no idea what I am going through, does not help that none of them seem to know the meaning of Empathy. I am calling my Doctor's office tomorrow to make an appointment, but I work on Tues/Wens this week, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. The Migraines started out just being in my head, after having Seizure about 6yrs ago, but now they are getting into my neck and jaw, I have been diagnosed with TMJ and wear a night guard.

  1. And its back, had one last Wednesday, came back yesterday, took meds, its back today Grrrrrrrrrr

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