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Girlfriend's first migraine

I just joined because my girlfriend experienced her first migraine a few days ago.
Her first symptom was loss of peripheral vision in her left eye. She noticed she couldn't see me and started to panic a bit. She phoned 111 (a UK emergency health number) and was told to go to a&e. By the time we got there the headache had started, just on her right side. She said it felt like something was stabbing her right eye from behind. The general mise-en-scene in the waiting room wasn't helping her feel any better.
They did a scan on her head and kept doing tests for a stroke. After spending the night in hospital they said her scans were normal and that it was probably a migraine which, compared to some of the other scary possibilities, seemed like a fairly good outcome.
It was very scary for both of us and as a partner who has anxiety disorder I'm now noticeably on edge. She hasn't had any repeat attacks since and was comforted by hearing from a friend who suffers from migraines that she's only had a few in her life.
We looked back over the hours preceding the attack to figure out what may have triggered it. The only thing I can think of is that an hour or two before, we had been smelling all the different fabric softeners in Asda. She said at the time it made her feel a bit funny. When the attack started she was playing violin, which she does often. The smelling of fabric softeners was the only noticeable thing that was out of the ordinary and could have played a part, but it was over an hour before the attack happened.

So the question we've both been racking our brains over ever since it happened is... do you say 'my-grain' or 'me-grain'

  1. Hi liamgb,

    Thank you for being part of the discussion forum, we're glad you're here!

    Scents, along with many other things can definitely trigger a migraine attack.Good to hear your girlfriend got checked out. Did they encourage her to see her regular doctor to follow up with? If not that may be something she can look into.

    I personally say "my-grain" but have noticed many from the UK say "me-grain"


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