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Has Anyone Else Had Such Real Hallucinations as a Symptom?

My daughter suffers from migraines, she recently developed a new symptom, she hallucinates (not ologies like in aura) real-life animals mainly bats and moths flying around her. Has anyone else had such real hallucinations as a symptom?

  1. Hi there - Thanks so much for your question. I'm sure this is very troubling to experience for her, and to know she is going through for you.

    You daughter is not alone. Please see this article which mentions hallucinations- when we posted this article on facebook, we had community members who mentioned having this experience as well:

    I was going to send you to our forum on this topic, but see you were already there. I assume you read the posts there about the role sleep can play. Is your daughter seeing a migraine specialist? These are the doctors most well trained to treat the complex neurological disease that is migraine. If you need help finding a specialist, here is a resource that might assist you in doing so:

    Thinking of you.

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