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Has anyone started with CGRP? Did your insurance approve it?

Hi: I emailed my neurologist about CGRP and he said he doubted my insurance would approve it. I am wondering if anyone else has started on CGRP therapy and if their insurance approved it. I contacted my insurance, but they said they'd have to talk to my neurologist. It's all very cryptic.

  1. Are you talking about the new aimovig? I asked my insurance - it was so new it wasn't listed under Rx or specialty medicine but they said my doctor could submit a pre-approval and we could see what happened. Also, he said one of their vendors stopped by (of course) and gave him some forms that patients could get 2 months free, which, depending on the number of injections you chose, could stretch to 4 months free (it comes in 70 mL or 2x70 mL injections).

    1. I was told the same thing in my neuro's office as ib480g... that there are currently incentives available as they are hoping people will start trying it. My neuro is not yet prescribing it. As for insurance, they're always turkeys when it comes to anything that needs pre-approval. I forsee another month spent on the phone every day like with my non-generic meds, and botox. I think Kerrie Smyres or one of the other regular posters put it, "You know how you have to jump through hoops with insurance? These hoops will be on fire."

      1. KoreySmith - I suggest you read thru these forums, as there is much information, including the period of time in which those experiencing a benefit have noticed a change. Some people have reported benefits almost immediately at first dose and others doses two or three. However, I believe 2-3 months is a good indicator. For me, I am starting to feel some relief midway thru second dose, but not without side-effects. Of course, some people, like myself, go into it with intractable migraine at 25-30 days per month. Someone who has less frequency may experience different results. Note also this is for Aimovig. You may be the first here reporting on Ajovy. In that regard, what was your dosage amount and what is the frequency of injection? Good luck.

      2. I believe the dosage I received was 70 mg. I'll definitely be reading the forums to gather more information.

    2. If we're talking about Aimovig I feel fortunate that my insurance carrier has approved me. I've experienced debilitating site effects with other prescribed medications, so I'm cautiously hopeful about this drug. My neurologist initially recommended I consider Botox, but I'm concerned about the possible side effects given my low tolerability to medications. I've also experienced a similar Botox type treatment using 8-10 injections in my scalp and neck, I was miserable and my migraines returned within 24 hrs. I recognize my case is complicated, so I've tried a variety of treatments and hope I will find that magical something that will help me regain or improve my quality of life.

      1. Jennifer, I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been having. I have just started Aimovig, and I'm curious as to what side effects you have encountered.

      2. Peter - there are a number of people here (including myself as of late) who have reported side effects. There is also a separate forum here just for side-effects. Also, someone here posted a link to the discussion on, which had almost 100 reviews - - many negative. I got no relief from first 70mg dose and thought I was starting to feel some relief from second 140mg dose, but some apparent side-effects have surfaced. Most notably, extreme dizziness with vertigo like episodes, especially when I wake up and flu like aches. Have been queasy as well and this morning, woke with a migraine and all of the aforementioned side-effects and ended up vomiting, which I have not done is a long time - - even when waking migraine was much worse. (I should note, I took imitrex injection an hour or so before vomiting). These side-effects have been reported by others. I will have the side effects checked out to rule out other causes, but it all seems pretty obvious to me that it is linked to the Aimovig. Good luck!

    3. Insurance has approved Aimovig and I can't wait to try it. Wish there was some feedback from other members on here about this new drug. Feeling like a guinea pig. With my chronic intractable migraines I'm willing to give this a try!

      1. When the trial package of Aimovig arrives, do I take it right there? Can I store it and wait to try it on the weekend?

      2. Deadeyes - yes you can wait. I did the same thing. Didn’t want to do it on a work day. Just make sure it stays refrigerated until use and then take out 30 minutes before use.

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