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Headache/migraine - 4/5 days!

Hope someone is able to help me!

For the past 4 days or so I've been suffering with a bad headache. It goes from pressure to actual pain and hasn't let up at all over the past few days. Some of the symptoms I'm currently suffering include

- Pressure which moves from the back to the side to the front of the head.

- Headache/pain consent

- Feeling nauseous

- Slight feeling of weakness in my left side

- Hearing slightly off

- Weird popping in the back and front of my head at random times which then makes me panic

- Slight dizziness

I'm able to eat and drink fine. Light doesn't seem to effect me and I can walk around normally.

I've taken asprin and sinus/pain relief but nothing seems to work. I went to a walk in doctor yesterday who didn't seem too concerned. She did some tests including eyes, reaction tests and blood pressure and said everything acutely seemed fine. She said to keep an eye on it and if it continues go to my GP after 4/5 days.

Anyone else suffering with this? I've had headaches before but this one has been going on for 4 days now.


  1. Hi, I would be concerned about this because of the slight weakness on your side. This does sound like a migraine, but we can't be certain from your post. And if you saw a doctor, a stroke should have been ruled out, but the weakness on your side bothers me. I would definitely make an appointment with your GP for tomorrow if this were me. And do not take Excedrin because if this weakness is a mini stroke or TIA, the Excedrin, (or any caffeine) could raise your blood pressure.

    1. harveyshammers

      Jazzmie is right - If you are ever worried, you need to get to your doctor. Don't pass GO or collect $200. We really can't diagnose you - only your own doctor can. Taking over the counter meds can be bad if you're wrong and it's something else. Take medicine your doctor knows about and has helped you put together to manage whatever type of headache you're having. There are also some very good treatments your doctor can prescribe for you that will actually attack the Migraine itself, which pain medication doesn't do.

      I hope you're doing better soon. Please do write and let us know what your doctor has said and done to help you.


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