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Is it normal to constantly be getting headaches? Did it have anything to do with my Spina Bifida?

I'm 15 years old and female. I have Spina Bifida. (Not sure which level.) I constantly get reality bad headaches!! (I have a "migraine" now.) I was told not to take Advil, cuz it's bad for the kidneys. Do my frequent headaches have anything to do with my having Spina Bifida???

  1. Hi avas8197! We're glad you're here. Your doctor is definitely the best one to be able to answer this for you. But I do have a couple of articles to share that may help in formulating some talking points to bring to him. The NIH article says that adults with Spina Bifida are at an increased chronic headache. In the forum post, Nancy shares a link for an article on cervicogenic headache, which, as it happens, is a headache which is a secondary headache, meaning it is caused by another illness or physical issue. I hope these articles help to open a dialogue with your doctor. - Warmly, Donna ( team)

    1. It is definitely something you need to discuss with your medical professionals. There are some of us who have daily migraine and they do not have a connection to anything that doctors can determine. This being said, many people have been able to determine exactly why they have their migraines (another medical condition or an accident etc). If your doctor is unsure, ask for a Nuerologist referral or a headache specialist referral.
      Amanda Workman (moderator & contributor)

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